2015 Naish

I had a great time in Maui trying out all the new gear for 2015. Everything is super fine tuned, and with an all new kite, the Pivot, this year the line up is stronger than ever! Be sure to check out your local Naish dealer for a demo and buy your new toy!


Surf session at 13th beach

Had a great session today at 13th beach, down the surf coast at home. After a day of driving around in the rain, freezing, and looking for a spot that didn’t have off shore wind or no beach we finally settled with 13th. As you can see it was a total mess. We turned up […]

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A summer at home….

It’s been a long summer at home recovering from an injury I sustained in China at the PKRA event there, but finally, I am on the mend, and close to getting back into my normal travel routine. Although this isn’t what I had planned to be doing, its been really good to be back, spending […]

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New website

Hey, This is my new website. It will be full of videos, pictures, blog updates and information about my sponsors and the kite scene. Hope you enjoy following it and keeping up to date with what I am doing! Cheers, and look out for posts soon! Ewan